Running Snake | Ide Zmija | FREE ANDROID GAME Trailer | Platform Game Commercial Music Video -

Running Snake | Ide Zmija | FREE ANDROID GAME Trailer | Platform Game Commercial Music Video

Nykk Deetronic
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@TeamYouTube @YouTube @Creators * OBAVESTENJE: Ogroman broj pregleda (preko milijardu) je obrisan i nesaglediva steta je ucinjena u poslednjih nekoliko meseci gde napadac pokusava svim sredstvima da me “reketira”, trazeci 50% zarade od kanala ili ce oboriti sve… * WARNING / ALERT / LAST MESSAGE: One of the greatest lies in history is happening to me right now. Attacker wants 50% of my channel’s monthly income or he will shut down entire channel! It is interesting to see that YouTube tolerates / allows this kind of racketeering, false claims that resulting in real copyright strikes (!) so YouTube removed over Billion Views and over 50 of my original content! I’ve sent Criminal Charges to the attacker but according to very slow law and nearly non-working system here in Serbia, I expect to return videos in next 2 to 20 years even everything attacker has shown is 100% false, with concrete proofs…

Get FREE “Running Snake Game” / “Ide Zmija Igrica”: or “Running Snake – Xmas edition” FREE Game:

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The Running Snake is the Number One Game in the World of Jumping Snake Games! Available on December the 1st, 2014! p.s. IF you HATE Jumping Snake-like games – you will hate Jumping Snake Game too! Game Released NOW:

Android Game Links:

AppStore Game Link: SOON
Web Game Link: SOON
Facebook Game Link: SOON
PC .exe Game Link: SOON
Amiga Game Link: SOON

★ How High can you Go?
★ How Far can you Jump?

Ride Your Snake and Make It Fly High!


★ Endless game play. A match will never be the same twice!
★ Great Time Killer Game
★ Outstanding Graphics & Audio
★ Collectibles (Candies, Cakes, Gummy Bears)
★ Specials (Super Flies, Infected Mushrooms, Chili Peppers, Scoops…)
★ Extra Jumpers (Mommy, Sheepy, Horsey, Froggy, UFO, Nyan Piggy…)
★ Local & Global Scoring
★ Facebook Score Sharing

Antoni Jerinic
Marko Milic
Vujadin Krtolica

Design, Music & Sfx:
Nikola Tomic / Nykk Deetronic

★★★ LINKS:

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