Scratch Snake Game Tutorial -

Scratch Snake Game Tutorial

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In this Scratch tutorial, I show how to code a snake game. In this game, you move around a checkerboard eating apples to get longer.

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  1. Hey! (Always late so sorry me) Just saying the facecam actually looks good in your vids sooooo you should maybe make your long tutorials like ninja platformer and meow match with it?

  2. WOOWW!!
    I was waiting for something like this, cuz the other scratchers didn´t make a cool game like this

  3. amm, one suggestion:
    can you make a tutorial on how to make the fade effect in scratch? (for backgrounds) plssssss

  4. I was gonna give credit to this dude in a remix and when I went to get the URL, I ended up watching the entire video. He makes the code so easy to understand. I'm subscribing.

  5. This is the first tutorial in the channel that made it work!

  6. none of this works for me can anyone help me my clone dosent work my apples spawn everywhere (not just in the squares) and im really frustrated i need this for a school project and i dont work :/


  8. Great video! But sometimes, when the snake eats an apple, it get 2 or 3 "tails" longer instead of only 1. I think it is because 1 or 2 new apples appear in tiles where there already is a tail part, and the snake eats them because "touching snake = true". How can I fix it?

  9. Hello! Another great video, but I think I did something wrong 🙁
    When it eats an apple it automatically resets, I think I programmed the clones section wrong and they spawn on the head and not behind it. What I can do?


  11. wait this is what this guy looks like HOW??!!!! Dude

  12. This is MUCH better than those other snakes tutorials 😀

  13. Could you help me, when my snake eats an apple, the tail just goes to a random spot, then after a few seconds it just goes to a random position. I also need help with putting the food on the grid.

  14. I found a bug
    When you Press for example up
    And shortly after you Press right you can still preform left – right turn

  15. hey shiftclicklearn

    i found a bug where while i was in the middle of the coding i tested the game and there was a snake square missing, it was the square right at the bottom of the head, but when u playtested the game, the game worked fine. i tried to solve the problem by backpacking your code and putting it in my project, but it also didnt work, what do i do?

  16. I was making my own snake game and i found this. It helped a lot with programming the body of the snake. My only problem is that the way you made the snake collide with itself doesn't work for if someone wants a snake body that connects to other snake parts. The touching boolean would detect it colliding with itself and instant game over if you touch the food. Could you do a version that deals with connecting snake parts? Thanks.

  17. Bro please speak SLOWER I got so mad because you were going so fast and I couldn’t understand

  18. The thing about tutorials is, I feel like it's not actually ME who makes the game, I feel like it's you and I'm just copying

  19. great tutorial, still can't figure out how to make the apples snap on the grid tho

  20. i am trying to make the body work but the body just disappears when i make a new clone

  21. woooimcommentingonshiftclicklearnsvideoooooooooo

  22. Got a little problem, the body is only able to load the first tail. I can keep growing the tail yes, but only the end of the tail is visible. How do I fix this?

  23. I coded your code correctly but the snake only shows its tail at end and face everytime it eats an Apple. It doesn’t display the middle body. How can I fix it?

  24. I checked 3 times and everything was correct but I have the same problem as zmo.

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