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Scratch Snake Game Tutorial

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In this beginner’s Scratch tutorial we show you how to make the classic phone game snake.

Full code blocks available to check your progress at:


  1. Now, this is tricky!
    Make a block (player)
    Make another block (apple)
    Make an apple-to-player conversion script.
    Make a script so that when player is touching another player block (but not itself), it gets pushed back and when the follow script is added, they form a neat line.
    When the player's first block hits the edge of the screen or another player block, game over.

  2. hi, can you help me with how to clone and grow the snake

  3. It's possible to make a Qix type game on scratch? i really wanna do one c^~^c

  4. thanks i had to make a project for my i.t class and this helped thanks

  5. If the player gets less than 100, the score will add 1 digits at the end. example if he gets 45, the score will set to 450

    add blank costume at the 3rd score #.
    if score < 0 set costume to blank
    else set cos to #

  6. Ahh…I used this a while back, but I have gotten better. Great tutorial for beginners but can be tricky sometimes…

  7. You can do like
    When flag clicked
    If toching sprite 2

  8. Hey! Do you have skype or TeamViewer? I have stuck at stamping my character (Won't clone when i touch the apple)

  9. This is Logan poor Logan has 10 health 1 like -1 health

  10. I am playing on Chrome and I can't find X and Y positions in the sensing section. Can you help?

  11. In the new version of scratch I can't find clear because there is no pen catagorie

  12. !Maybe to Add!


    A Vision Ability Block That Shows the Fake Traps for 60 seconds

    A +More Block If you touch it it gives you 16+ Adds More to your snake

    A Jump Ability By Touching the yellow Block You can Jump Over a bad Snake can be only used 2 times then you cant anymore use it and you need to collect the same block to get the abiility back

    !Bad Snakes maybe to Add!

    A Red Snake that wonders around and if you touch it you Lose

    A green Snake it dont kills you but it makes your snake Shorter

    A golden Snake Adds A +Health So If you die you can respawn again


    The Player Has a Savety Bubble For 20 Seconds or for 30 – 10

  13. Can u show how to do this with clones because the stamp tool makes everything blocky with rounded squares

  14. This is nice and all but if u press down arrow while going up you die

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