Scratch Tutorial : Snake Game -

Scratch Tutorial : Snake Game

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  1. Very good. I have done it as per your direction.

  2. Its a really good tutorial but how do I remove snakes face when creating the clone ?

  3. do we have to coppy your totorial or we can coppy your totorial and add some thing els

  4. very helful just one qeustion can you have a different fruit than the strawberry

  5. Can you give me your number for call aboud aboud ?

  6. when i try to get my snake up wards then they show game over, and even i have not touched the edge then also it is comming game over.!!!🤔

  7. bro mine is not working and every coding is fine but is not working

  8. Hi, how can I make the coin to a random position? Thank you!

  9. I created this but when the snake touches the edge it will do nothing the game over wouldn't pop up

  10. awesomest game Ive ever seen!!!

  11. So helpful and awesome game… Please keep sharing . And i have followed you on YouTube.. 😊

  12. Bug: when moving right and pressing left arrow. you move left. same for when moving left and pressing right arrow. you move right.

  13. This helped me out a ton, but I have a question… how do I make it so the snake gets a game over if it crashes into its body?

  14. Wonderful game buy when I want to change game it isn't turning immediately it is jumping a few steps then turning

    Please helo

  15. something is wrong and I don't know what my snake doesn't cling it's clones to itself but makes new different ones and scatters them around and I can't find the problem

  16. The Snake is leaving space and going after the score is above 100!!

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