Sekiro: All Giant Great Serpent Encounters + Kill (4K 60fps) -

Sekiro: All Giant Great Serpent Encounters + Kill (4K 60fps)

4K no HUD Gameplay
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This video shows all the Giant Great Serpent Encounters and how to defeat the giant beast in Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. PC 4K 60fps gameplay on Max graphics settings.
#1 Encounter 1 (Ashina Outskirts): 0:00
#2 Encounter 2 (Sunken Valley Passage): 3:59
#3 How to get past the great snake in the cave: 5:14
#4 Encounter 3 (Sunken Valley Cave): 6:56
#5 Final Encounter + Kill (Senpou Temple Mt. Kongo): 9:48
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  1. Isn’t it weird? We stab it’s head and we got it’s heart?

  2. I know nothing but i thought there was gonna be a epic battle with the snake not kill it in its sleep 💀😭😭

  3. Such a joy to watch! Actually I'm from Brazil, greetings and nice job here

  4. I feel bad for the snake
    I feel sssso bad for the snake (lol i did a snake joke there)
    Why did u even kill it if it was a god
    A bad guy? Or snake-

  5. bro was just sleeping then he got stabbed in the head

  6. How the hell this giant ass snake be flicking his tongue out, but can't smell the dude hiding under him

  7. hey i need help, i fucked up, when i killed that snake i ended up jumping off before continuing to explore that area and can't seem to get back. is there anything I can do.

  8. Why Do u have to kill that snake again ?

  9. Imagine this giant snake in a king kong movie

  10. This one is scary but smaller than Jormungandr

  11. What is it with japan and white snakes man 💀

  12. Wait I killed the snake in Senpou temple but I’m still on the 4th encounter on this video what’s happening?

  13. That run when he pierced in snakes eyes…

  14. I wouldn’t last once against this magnificent beast. I’d be too scared to match wits with it.

  15. Lore Facts: There's actually two Serpent Gods, the one you met in Ashina Outskirts was actually the snake that went in Ashina Depths while of course the another one was originally from Sunken Valley

    The Great Serpent Shrine is originally for the sake of the snake from Sunken Valley, which the Gun Fortmen worshipped while The Abandoned Serpent Shrine in Ashina Depths worshiped by the monkeys

    This hinted that Gunfort men and Monkeys were fated rival to each other and two Great Serpents can't coexist at the same environment (so the moment Sekiro killed both of them, they no longer have guardians)

    Also another lore facts: You could see some monkeys in the Hidden Forest have guns and swords alongside Drunkard Mini-Boss from Hirata State, this make sense the moment you read Phantom Kunai description, since Lady Butterfly was trained from Hidden Forest she is expert at illusions, as the first time you went in that place covered with mist and under it there's a lot of Phantoms all round

    Alright, let's go back to the topic as to why there's monkey and Drunkard Mini-Boss in Hidden Forest, this is foreshadowing that since there's no longer Serpent Gods that act as guardians for both monkeys and gunfort men. The monkeys finally got the courage to act dispute with gunfort men

    Then, later in the story when Ministry second attacked, you could see some monkeys in Great Serpent Shrine idol, tho sadly when you went again in Sunken Valley there's nothing that change other than different scenery (this is either the developers forgotten that details for storytelling, or maybe a sign that monkey lose in their fight, so they went back again to Bodhisattva Valley)

    Or maybe, the reason why you seen gunfort men in Ashina Depths might be a clue that Gunfort men the first whom attacked and conquered one of the territories of the monkeys especially the breed of the White Toxic Monkey with twin swords

  16. I'm a three-time world champion Canadian, but yo…this game looks suuuuper fackin cold, man! 😳

  17. Oh, nice. This game looked really fun. Too bad I hate snakes.

    Edit: Nvm. I’ll play the game just to be able to stab it in the eye😂

  18. Awww no prayer bead 😭 thanks for the vid though!

  19. The holes between the nostrils and the eyes are thermoreceptor pits, so he could technically see you even if you're hiding in the bushes 😄

  20. The isopods in my Ball Python’s bioactive enclosure:

  21. The feeling of every bug you chase under your coutch

  22. no entiendo porque hay una serpiente en un clima frio, ya que ellas son de sangre fria, morirán del frio pero nose que alguien me de info del juego

  23. well probably snake would find him beasace of his body temparature…

  24. You can also get past the cave snake using mist instead of puppeting the monkey

  25. I wish a snakes this size lived in the North America.

  26. To get out just look up for a grappling point. You’ll get a divine confetti then further up there is an exit.

  27. it's looks like world serpent in god of war

  28. What an anti-climactic murdering of the serpent.

  29. This snake was a bag full of FUCK THAT when I first encountered it and it killed me
    Jump scared the fuck outta me

  30. Im not scared of snake. But not for this gigantic snake

  31. How the hell did I kill the snake first and then encountered it in the caves?

    Can anyone explain? What's happening

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