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SF6 🔥 Snake Eyez (Zangief) vs BrianF (JP) 🔥 Street Fighter 6

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The best replay channel for Street Fighter 6 is here! Enjoy watching these awesome players fight each other in an exciting match. We always bring the best matches to you!

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  1. I can't wait to never play JP and complain about him for 7 years

  2. I’m no SF expert but 🤣it looks like this character will be the first one to get nerfed 🤔

  3. This is pretty weak music for a fighting game.
    I miss the DnB days of Third Strike.

  4. Luckily these guys were on the same team in Twitch Rivals.

  5. Gief relies a lot on dr and blocking. Seems like a huge disadvantage for him as he will always be out of meter and in burnout

  6. I get that snakeeyz wants to stay close to JP but damn why not take ANY tick spd or running bear grab????

  7. Zangief vs membro do gorosei , ai fica difícil mesmo.

  8. I’m a Zangief user, and I will HAPPILY quit as soon as I see this character as my opponent!!!

  9. This was painful to watch. Glad Snake got a P, though

  10. Gief looks weak right now where Manon has better tools to get in. I think green hand and his v skill 1 need to return for starters.

  11. And it still shows that the strongest thing coming out of Russia is Zangief

  12. BrianF is a traitor. How u not going use Ryu mane. You hurt me deep bruh though u was a die hard 🤣

  13. Mk1 might have you beat….headed over to tekken 8 comment sections to give them the third place trophy behind this.

  14. Estou vendo esse boneco JP sendo o mais enjoado.

  15. Man its been awhile since a new game had an honest 9-1 matchup.Good Stuff

  16. Not sure how everyone else plays against JP, but this is a nightmare for Gief. Hopefully Capcom can find a way to remedy this in the future.

  17. Fuck I hate fireball spammers. They've always been a thing whose existence in fighting games I don't understand.

  18. this match up looks rought. even worse than dhalsim.

  19. For some reason Snake Eyes keeps forgetting to use Kara Garuda impact…

  20. JP looks like a Tekken randomized character. And he's going to be the new spammers delight. I'm really hoping he gets nerfed

  21. This is why i love tekken more than any other fighting game cause i dont have to worry about this zoning crap. It gets repetitive but ppl call it skill

  22. Step aside Dhalsim, we Giefs fucking hate JP now.

  23. Match up looks rough, ngl. Would Green Hands help?

  24. The thing is if they make Gief stronger he would be broken i.e. more armored moves, longer attack reach or faster speed. Right now JP is broken until someone can prove otherwise.

  25. The biggest thing gief needs is a way to get in without meter. Make his forward mk go slightly further, make his crouching strong kick actually move him.
    Fix super 1 so it has better grab range, lower the damage on his spd's but decrease the space he pushes away after landing (like the past sf games. Make his standing strong punch be cancellable to impact drive.

    He's so good but he just needs some final touches especially in matchups like this. Look how much meter snake eyes has to spend just to have a CHANCE of getting in. He's wayyy too reliant on meter.

  26. Grappler characters historically struggle against zoners. Props to both players to show that while JP might be scary, Zangief is still scarier! Might not have won, but with how back-and-forth it was this makes me feel better at wanting to main JP.

  27. The fact that SnakeEyez landed that much damage is insane. I'm platinum (idk why they put me there) and when I as a Gief player play any JPs or Dhals I can't get anywhere near them. If in the small chance I do, they teleport out the way.

    Idk if they're going to nerf JP but he seems OP atm. I know there's always going to be a struggle with grapplers facing zoners but sheesh man how many tools does that dude have?

    Gief has to burn all his meter to drive rush his slow ass over to the opponent and do combos like at 04:31 where you have to perfectly time a 2 inch jump into ex SPD.

  28. Brian_F plays JP in a way that makes me want to learn the character. So much tricky fuckery!

  29. Glad I'm finally able to see someone use JP to his full potential

  30. Zangeif learned to just go forward when their is a purple light in the sky while he had his level 2 ready because the opponent won't air teleport then.

  31. I like zoners and I think overall the balance in SF6 seems pretty good so far… Except for JP. But Capcom really did overtune him a bit too much.

  32. JP has to be the most boring character to watch cause it’s non stop zoning

  33. Everyone is amazing in this game and they barely gave Zangief anything lol, he’s so boring to watch to me now.

  34. A close in character vs a long zoning proyectile character

  35. This matchup looks like hell for gief. Needing to constantly stay near or in burnout to avoid full screen projectile spam

  36. Lotta "matchup experts" in the comments this time around

  37. This matchup makes me upset just watching it and I don't even play this game.

  38. This matchup is such a pain in the ass for Zangief.

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