Shrek's Hotel has NO SNAKES... or does it? (feat. FGTeeV Donkey) -

Shrek’s Hotel has NO SNAKES… or does it? (feat. FGTeeV Donkey)

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All I wanted to do was stay at a hotel that didn’t have any snakes!! But props to my boy Donkey for helping me in the end 🙂
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  1. oh wow came back to this channel and I didn't know you still uploaded

  2. Just to fix this in this game your actually the manager and not the visitor

  3. Make a mess Make a mess

  4. I love fgteev you guys are my favorite YouTuber ever u are so funny

  5. You were and still are my favourite youtuber

  6. this is given me the baby in yellow vibes

  7. When I am a 19 years old in am going to your home

  8. I've Been Watching This Channel For 3 Years And Its Awesome! I Love This Channel Since I Was A Kid.

  9. Hey guys love you last video we just bought all of your books and we are loving it so so so much thank you FGTeeV thank you Mike mum Chase Lexi dudz and shawn.

  10. Mike is getting so bigger his voice isnt normal and he looks diffrent yall are growing so fast

  11. The videos you guys make a really incredible both my son and I really enjoy watching every single one we just bought all four of your books today FGTeeV into the game FGTeeV saves the world FGTeeV the switcher Roo rescue and FGTeeV game break every video and all the books for reading just make our lives so much better we are so thankful for the content you make you guys feel like part of our family we look forward to watching you every single night a big shout out to all of you guys we love you and can't wait to see more videos would love to hear from you guys📙📘📗😁😀

  12. I've watched you for lots of years now u vids are fun

  13. Should play dark deseptoin 9 is been long time you didn't play dark deseptoin

  14. Fgteev pls play amazing frog pls pls pls 😭🙏

  15. The other channel is rude the "gigantic skee ball" is racist and why d8d you do that to your friend

  16. Your a lier ypu probably are not allergic to snakes

  17. I am really sorry because I have been not watching your videos

  18. I watch your video when I was 3 loved your video

  19. In your intro you sound like maaarriioooo dudz

  20. fgteev can you play more piggy or kitty in roblox pls

  21. Your videos are awsome I have your books I subscribed liked every video and just love your content

  22. Duddy why did you change you’re logo at the start

  23. Hi fgteev that cool it's party elevator😅 did you play roblox piggy chap 12 book 2?

  24. Hi guys my daughter loves your video I need a big favour from you guys I'm in desperate need for a loan I need about 20k any help would be much appreciated thanks

  25. Hey Fgteev chase, I love you 😍 ❤️😘🥰😻❤️‍🔥

  26. you should try pet sim x in roblox im a fan dudz

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