Shrek's Hotel has NO SNAKES... or does it? (feat. FGTeeV Donkey) -

Shrek’s Hotel has NO SNAKES… or does it? (feat. FGTeeV Donkey)

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All I wanted to do was stay at a hotel that didn’t have any snakes!! But props to my boy Donkey for helping me in the end 🙂
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  1. I just bought your new book today I'm almost done reading it im your biggest fan i rilley love your videos there great im will like your videos 👍👍

  2. It’s been so long sense I’ve watched you it feels nice to finally see you again

  3. Hey FGTeeV do you remember puppy monkey baby well I want you to bring him back and get him in your FGTeeV toy's pleeeeeeease 🐶🙉👶

  4. It’s like napping with cobras you know what I’m saying

  5. You should play scary stranger it's like scary teacher just that the guy is in it

  6. Hello fgteev i get fgteev book and use starcode fgteev used now to Buying robux

  7. Please do more family videos!!! Me and my son's miss them! Love ur channel!! ☺️♥️♥️♥️


  9. Can you do a favor duddy and make a video with chase,and then tell him that you and him (chase) are my two favorites

  10. make little nightmares #2 part 2, you still have ch. 2 of little nightmares!

  11. I watched the video of the person who made this game it was for a challenge

  12. U guys should make a fgteev drink bottle

  13. FGTeeV can u play raise a floppa 2 in Roblox plssssssssssssss

  14. You go YouTube look cursed thomas the train

  15. i couldn’t imagine my life without you, you made my childhood, i loved all your videos and watched most of them on at least 5 different accounts

  16. There are 2 types of people in this comments:
    The “I have watched you for 5 years and I liked your videos” and normal comments

  17. God loves everybody so much and if you are going though something hard in your life god will always be there for you always no matter what

  18. God loves everybody so much and if you are going though something hard in your life god will always be there for you always no matter what

  19. duddy i have a paper making toy that uses resiecald paper and its comes with saeps put a comet for it.

  20. Make eggs but add Coca-Cola into the eggs

  21. PLAY BATTLE BUNNYS!!! Its like battle cats but less complicated

  22. I love snakes don’t you dare you hate it say you hate snakes again or else something bad happens to you play a snake game where you have to catch snakes

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