Simple 2D Game in Unity: Snake (Unity Tutorial for Beginners) -

Simple 2D Game in Unity: Snake (Unity Tutorial for Beginners)

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In this series were going to make Snake in Unity, it’s a simple game which makes it perfect for beginners.
In this video we’re going to set up our scene to be able to start making our game.

If you have any questions post them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them.

See you next time!

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Hello and welcome, I am your Code Monkey and here you will learn everything about Game Development in Unity 2D using C#.

I’ve been developing games for several years with 7 published games on Steam and now I’m sharing my knowledge to help you on your own game development journey.

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  1. Hey, need a bit of help. When I run my game, the new game object doesn't display the snake. It creates an object, but yeah the snake isn't displayed. I've checked, and I am using the same scripts as in the video. Any thoughts?

  2. From where will I get the snakebody, snakehead and the 1px white image from ?

  3. this would be a good tutorial if you could actually understand whats happening. slow down whilst explaining things and try to do it in depth.

  4. People won't really be able to learn how to program good if they just use all of your utils all the time that makes everything for them

  5. How did you have these different types of textures when you created the folder ?

  6. I wish you had said where to get the textures instead of doing it off camera

  7. Hey, when I try to sign up to your site, it says "Failed to create user, please try again".

  8. I blinked and had to rewind the video cos I missed like 15 steps. Thanks for the video man but it's a little fast for people just seeing unity for the first time. There's lots of fast seemingly random movements with the mouse and coding too quickly without explaining why you're doing something. Please don't take this is as me moaning, just some constructive feedback.

  9. Why is this game so much easier to make on Scratch! ^-^

  10. Holy fuck slow down man, it's not a race to make the fastest video. Really disliked this

  11. Why does my debug.log thing not do anything idk if it's due to the version I have Visual Studio 2019

  12. How did you get the foodapple, snakebody and snakehead texture

  13. How did you get SnakeHead, SnakeBody, White 1*1, and Foodapple on Texture. What did you do?

  14. It won't allow me to import assets. What should I do?

  15. Shameless advertising for code monkey. Not even marked as so. I'm here to learn how to do things from scratch in unity. I'm a Python developer, I've made quite complex games using pygame, and I would like to learn how to code simple games in Unity to begin somewhere, and hopefully expand from there. Starting by basing my games on code I don't know isn't the way to go. Should have said right from the start that you were going to use code from code monkey. I feel a bit betrayed learning that in the middle of the video…

    EDIT: I'm not being fair, this is still helpful, but I would have liked to know that this was going to be based on preexisting code.

  16. how do we get the texture in the game?

  17. HI, very thankful for the video, I have unity 2020 one of its versions. And I have a problem importing all the codemokey file, it just import 3 meta files, is something wrong with it?
    Thank you!

  18. I don't know c and c++ still can I create simple games through unity? I am going to start c soon how much time it will take me to learn c and c++ for making simple/small games?

  19. Hello teacher, I want to make my object move like a snake. In other words, the part coming from behind will follow the part in front of it vectorally. How should I go about writing code just to do what I want?

  20. hello, is it ready to play if i download the project ? thanks

  21. Always maximize the audio before you upload the video.

  22. Hey man!!
    When en error is coming when I write that first debug.log command
    Pls help

  23. Please I can't find the game assets script in the script execution order what can I do

  24. Fucking click bate, dislike, I hate that shit.

  25. What is the point of making videos if all your going to do is use pre-made code. You talk extremely fast and just navigating Unity is confusing. If you're trying to prove you can speed thru code quickly, great, tutorials are not 4 u. Please take in the feedback everyone is saying in the comments and don't argue back. We are YOUR viewers who are trying to learn and if we are struggling it should be your priority to help us in any way. This channel has a lot of potentials and I greatly appreciate the initiative to help students. But 4 us and this channel to grow u need to take in the criticism and change your teaching style.

  26. i feel sorry for code monkey for getting so much hate just because he wants to get on with what hes doing. I understand that he might rush things and not explain things properly but there is always google and the unity manual documentation and other channels like brackeys and that. Code Monkey, if you are reading this, plz just ignore what people are saying. Most of them are probably just too lazy to use the search engine or something 🙂
    Have a nice day. And also why is the your background in the center of the camera when you start playing the game but in my game the left bottom corner of my background is in the middle. How do I fix this?

  27. Talk slower and type slower damn

  28. website is so bad that i cant even verify my email wow

  29. Why my snake head is small and blurd inside the background? I just download your texture.

  30. You dont explain good pls explain everything more

  31. I cant add the script into the empty object. it kept showing =" cant add the script component because the script class cannot be found". it kept showing that can you reply to me please.

  32. When I open visual studio(The 2019 version) from unity I enter the code it doesn't line up (the line numbers) and it shows me to change the code as if I typed it wrong and puts
    void Start () => Debug.Log("GameHandler.Start"); and when I go to the script back in unity there's no changes to the assembly information what am I doing wrong?

  33. help, with the last code the object doesnt get the snakehead sprite , the code has no problem. when this first happened i noticed that my snakehead name was not snakehead but instead snaikhead, i thought that was the problem nut when i changed the name to snake head it still didnt work

  34. if i draw sprites/textures they come out crappy because of how small they get , i want to make own sprites, what should i do? i used krita and because of how small it was it got messed up, how should i make sprites

  35. for your third video on snake game (the food doesnt get destroyed ,ive double and triple checked the code it is basically a copy of yours , idk what to do ive been stuck here , do you know a reason for this happening, please help) I really need your help

  36. for your third video on snake game (the food doesnt get destroyed ,ive double and triple checked the code it is basically a copy of yours , idk what to do ive been stuck here , do you know a reason for this happening, please help) I really need your help

  37. Bro I'm sure that your grinding hard but omg you have the worst tutorials on unity😭especially for a beginner. I see your videos pop up but when I click on it I realise its yours so I already know I won't learn anything from it. Even your "Easy Basic Beginner tutorials" are for people who have at least some sort of experience in the engine. I hope your read this so you can make better beginner friendly videos. Just my critisism.

  38. Hi thanks for the video. I followed it and done the first two videos. It works however, there is an error says "NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    GameHandler.Start () (at Assets/Scripts/GameHandler.cs:22)". I checked the code they are same as yours. Can you tell me what is wrong? Thanks you in advance.

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