Simple Snake Game in C++ using OOP Part 1 - Easy Console Games Coding Tutorial | Challenge # 1 -

Simple Snake Game in C++ using OOP Part 1 – Easy Console Games Coding Tutorial | Challenge # 1

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Challenge # 1: Simple Snake Game in C++ using OOP Part 1 – Easy Console Games Coding Tutorial

Easy and Professional game programming in C++ using Object Oriented Programming. This video is a time lapse of Console based Simple Snake Game Development in C++ Part 1 using dev cpp compiler.

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Link to download source code is


  1. Bhaiya can u please send me the source code.
    My mail id is
    Thank you bhaiya

  2. Hi Sir, Can I get your code please.It's . I can't get the fruit appear, I don't know why.

  3. amazing work…can u plz send me the source code i really need it .. email

  4. are you still sharing the source code for this?

  5. Hello sir. Loved your video. Tried to implement myself learning from you but there are a bundle of errors. Can you please send your code at It would be a great help.

  6. Demn. I just found my new coach!!! I am an aspiring Game Dev sir. And I wanna practice. Was planning to convert this code to Java. And also I understand the logic. More fun games Coach! ❤❤❤

    Do to this I subbed in all of my channels.

  7. amazing work sir ! please send me the source code on my email ID :

  8. awesome work sir , iam starting my career as a game programmer.this video helped me to get more idea ,Thank you .would you please provide the source code tomy email:

  9. @Angular Could u please send me the code a lot in advance

  10. Sir please send me the source code on this email
    I have a project to submit tomorrow 😭

  11. Awesome!!
    Sir. It's really surprising for us to see you making this game with simple code.
    I tried to copy this code in my dev compiler but don't know which statements were messed up …it's not working correctly. Can you please sir share with me the source code at

  12. Sorry for the late comment but I appreciate your work just keep moving forward
    be a great programmer or anything else you wanna be beside of these Good job!

  13. I've tried copying the code but the snakes body seems to be not growing and I've checked everything and there are no errors or missing lines

  14. sir this is very awasm and great work. please if you can send me this code
    my email-

  15. Thank you , But why windows.h does not work at me ?

  16. I'm using Clion and it doesn't recognize the function gotoxy(). It suggests gotocy() instead. what does this mean and how can I overcome this?

  17. Very nice sir. It's really amazing. Can you send me source code plzzzz

  18. Assalam-O-alaikum… @Angulars please share the source code of sanke game at

  19. I a going to present this game for my 1st semester project hope so it will work but your code is very eassy

  20. Hi sir good evening i am a fan of your works. Can u please send the code of this game to help my studies. Heres my gamil…

  21. I want to know more about gotoxy and system cls, and more help me where i can found these functions

  22. I have never learend the handle console in any course 🙁 where to get that

  23. Boss Please functionality be explain kar diyya kary

  24. sir,i copied the program code by code but its not running properly in my vs code nor in the poweshell.what should i do now???

  25. for real I wish I could give you millions of likes, share and subscription

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