Skin the Snake | BOTC 2016 GAMES -

Skin the Snake | BOTC 2016 GAMES

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Materials Needed: NONE
Participants: 5 boys, 5 girls
I do not know a clear, descriptive way of explaining this game. I’m sorry 🙁
Rules: Participants may NOT let go of each other’s hands during the game.


  1. What age group do you recommend this for?

  2. this is the most disgraceful dance i have ever came across and my children better not be doing this at the school this most inappropiate thing i have ever saw i can not believe that u would let this in the school

  3. I did this at school. 6 people and I did pretty good. At the end I got up too early xD.

  4. I read the description and it sounded worse than it looks live. BUt I think I will divide boys and girls to do it separately- mine are under 12

  5. The challenge in this team-building activity is to do the two formations (standing, lying and back again) without breaking the line. Any break in the line means automatic disqualification.

  6. is this for flexibility, agility or endurance

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