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How to code & create a mobile app / game using flutter and dart.
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  1. What vs code extension have you used for the branches on the left of the text editor?

  2. What would be the change in code if we want the game to be terminated if snake touches any side of screen

  3. I like your tutorials, its so helpful.but it`s better to type the code while recording..

  4. Great vid! Is the code available? (don't see it on your website)

  5. I actually saw this in your Instagram page…and it's amazing💯💯💯

  6. Nice work man.
    Which dart extentions have you installed on vs code, looks neat.

  7. How to add sounds to this game ??

  8. What is 'details' in onVerticalDragUpdate and onHorizontalDragUpdate ??

  9. This is really cool. How many lines of code we might have to write to develop this game in native android ??

  10. How to debug flutter apps ?? When i click on play again, game is not starting, instead again i'm getting same GAME OVER popup repeatedly. Do we have to reset any variables when we start game again ??

  11. Looks like below the start button also there are grid. How to avoid grids below start button and appBar ??

  12. How to make the AlertDialog not dismissable when i touch on the screen outside the dialog box ??

  13. wonderful tutorial. I noticed that if we press start button while the game is being played, it will increase the speed of the snake. Can you explain why it does that?

  14. sir kindly aap loudly bat kare . voice bhot slow hai

  15. Pless give me a free code l donot have money (l subscribe)

  16. Its so simple and awesome
    Its really cool
    Thanks for providing such an awesome tutorial !!!

  17. Your Content is the best. Can you tell me how to learn to code like you

  18. Sou do brasil, nao falo ingles mas vou tentar faze esse joguinho

  19. It's really cool that you are creative 🤩🤩, please I want the code❤😇

  20. OKEY!!!!!!! OKEY!!!!!!!!! how many time gig he do it?

  21. is there way to animate snack without lagging?

  22. There is a bug with the food , if the snake grows to large the food will sometimes appear inside the snake itself. How can I solve it?

  23. @MitchKoko Could you also please explain the logic to pause the game?

  24. If you make a apk …..i Found a bug when i press play again show me game over screen again and again…..problem with compiling app or with my phone?

  25. I am new to making apps and this will be my 1st attempt. Can you please make an extended video where for example I can give a code of red blue green then the snake must eat in that specific color order given. So there will be more than one dot on the screen in different colors.

  26. Awesome video. I built the first gaming app of my life. It was cool. Just 1 more thing would make the learning easier is, if you could show the progress logically growing like first the UI, then the sanke moving logic, then the button clicks etc. Still loved it.

  27. Man man man awesome man !!!, maths and DS in one place

  28. How can we handle numberofSquares for smaller devices?

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