Snake game in C++ | Snake game using C++ [Hindi/Urdu] -

Snake game in C++ | Snake game using C++ [Hindi/Urdu]

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In this video tutorial I am going to teach you that how you can build snake game in C++. Also I will tell the whole of logic of making snake game using C++.
Prerequisites for this tutorials are that you must have Added Graphics library in your Dev C++.
How to add graphics Library =
Download graphics library =
And you must have little bit knowledge of C++.
#Snake game in C++
#Snake game using C++

C++ is general purpose, compiled, OOP language and it serves as the basis for several other languages.
You will learn the algorithm of snake game in C++ as well as you will be able to built the logic of snake game using C++.


  1. Sir yeh jo output ka game ka yeh baar baar bling kyu kr raha hai iska karan kya hai 🤔🤔🤔

  2. Case 0 mn if else Q lagai..
    .baki casesn bhi too wohi jo..if esle mn likh ha app ny..¿

  3. Code Kahan ha??.

    Or secondly plzzz jaldi say bata daien manay saara code likha ha lakain snake nahi a rha

  4. plz sir tell me get mainy code lihka hai keh rha hai asynkeystate was not declared
    plz tell me

  5. snake food nhi kha rha h kya kru jaldi se koi btado……

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