snake Game # in 'c' -

snake Game # in ‘c’

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  1. Empty spaces between lines do not affect the program?

  2. Ye kya dikh rha hai 😂😂 views kamane ke chakkar me

  3. Bad dimag insaan kr kya Raha hai ye ata vi hai kya kuch isko itna aasan nahi h bhai game banana agr itna bharosa hai apne sade se programming me to run kyo nahi kiya itna lamba video me bezti ho jayegi n isliye nahi kiya 😂😂

  4. Guys its just like a boundary not at all a gameMaking a game in c language is highly impossible

  5. Wrong code not working in c compound statment is missing

  6. He Doesn't Include Input Function and Output function why Would it work and everything is ok expect this

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