Snake game in python pygame [Hindi] - 1. Intro and create surface | Hindi Python project tutorial -

Snake game in python pygame [Hindi] – 1. Intro and create surface | Hindi Python project tutorial

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In this pygame tutorial we will build a snake and apple game. This Hindi python project for beginners is perfect for you to get exposure on how you can build end to end python project after learning basic tutorials. In this video we will build a pygame surface and draw a block that can be moved using up,down,left, right arrow keys.

Final code for complete game:

Hindi playlist for this snake game: –
English playlist for this snake game:

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  1. Sir , when i type block = pygame.image.load("resource/block.jpg").convert() surface.built(block, (100,100)) this line then baground was not showing and block also not formed Sir please HELP!

  2. Can I use Android mobile phone for python programming for these projects??

  3. Amazing work sir. So, well explained. I am really glad that I found your channel. Please bring more such projects. Thank you soo sooo much!!

  4. Great sir please ml ke sare contact Hindi me complete kar dijiye .
    Bhut helpfull rahega ham logo ke liye

  5. game ko mobile game kyo nahi bana sakte ?

  6. pygame se koi game bani he jo pc me kheli jati ho? because no one talking for pygame for game devlmp in python Y?

  7. I used to watch your english videos earlier but today heared your Hindi..Nice to hear you in Hindi. Thank you

  8. Thank you so much Sir such a brief explanation .I'm really enjoying

  9. Thank you sir ☺️😊… I am in 8th standard and I really enjoyed making the game. Really excited for upcoming tutorials. But sir how can I download pycharm on windows 10.please reply to my comment it matters me a lot.please reply sir and I have watched your python tutorial videos after watching them I made my own game know as "flappy bird".

  10. Sir please reply on skill basics website I have a doubt on snake game part 1. Please reply it matters me a lot. I have enrolled your python project course. it is really good and comfortable. I have a doubt so please solve it. Just reply my doubt and clear it please. And I even know your name. Your name is very nice. Sir please go into website and check it please….🙏🙏🙏.

  11. SIR, can we do it without using pycharm editor ?

  12. sir meri block image resources se load ni ho pari

  13. Dhaval Bhai, I like your way of teaching, do u have a comparison on which GUI module to select and why (pygame, tkinker, pyqt5, etc) Bhai konsa or kyu use karna chayea?

  14. Pip install pycharm Kuch samja Nahi ??

  15. Suggestion : Please use a theme which has good contrast level, I have to stress my eyes in order to see things properly. 🙂 Anyways really love your videos keep making more videos in hindi.

  16. mujhe ek dikat aa rahi hia jab run kar rha hu to show kar ha hai error

  17. I install the images and Iconvert images in pycharm

  18. Thanks sir this helped 😊😊😊😊😊😊

  19. Image ka path kaise diya h main vscode use kar r hu

  20. Hello sir,
    When I load image of snake/apple then it displays very big in size with black background instead I use PNG image..
    Can u tell me what's the issie

  21. Thank you so much sir 🙏🥰

  22. sir jb me block image file import kr raha hu to filenotfound ka error aaraha hai….me path acche se de raha hu but frr bhi error aarha hai plz help sir

  23. sir plz iska solution bataiye ….sbko problem ho rahi hai images import krne me plz

  24. Sir I have a doubt. Just like in case of block, you gave it's address. Can we do the same for background? Like some image or some background, we just give it's address? Can that happen?

  25. Very helpfull thaks ..
    work in Python real project .. pls sir

  26. His voice is similar like khatarnaak onespot

  27. Sir mera image error bata raha hai.
    Ke raha hai
    No such file or directory vo block ke liye

  28. Hi sir when I am trying to debug I am getting an error that: No module named 'pygame' but when checking in the terminal I am getting: (base) navojitbasu@NAVOJITs-MacBook-Air % pip install pygame
    Requirement already satisfied: pygame in /Users/navojitbasu/opt/anaconda3/lib/python3.8/site-packages (2.0.1)

    Also, there are few more errors like 
    Unresolved reference 'KEYDOWN'
    Unresolved reference 'K_ESCAPE'
    Unresolved reference 'QUIT'

  29. sir jo window he vo ruk hi nahi rahi he …, apne aap chali jaa rhai he kya karu

  30. Thankyou so much sir. You and Krish Naik are the best teachers ever i seen

  31. make it interesting explain with infotainment

  32. Nyc sir muje Koi ashi game develop bta do jisme coading km ho

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