Snake Game in Python | Python Game Programming -

Snake Game in Python | Python Game Programming

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In this video, we will be re-creating the popular Snake Game using Python and Pygame

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  1. Someone please give me the code, i followed everything and the only problem i have is that I cant control the Snake!!!! I didnt even get any Error.PLEASE SOMEONE

  2. Nice video. I liked it 😍.

    It would be better if you run the application in each segment

  3. Want more videos like this.🤩🤩🤩

  4. Showing the high score would have been even better.

  5. How to share this to other lapi for playing the same game?

  6. Hi! Great video. I appreciate it.
    I only have one question. Why is it that we need to divide by ten and then all that multiply it by ten again in the food coordinates?
    Pleaaase answer me asap

  7. Can you please link the source code in the comment?

  8. I got a problem

    The screen comes and blinks and close

    What to do??

  9. Can you explain the part where snake hits itself.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial. I am new in programming. I have stumbled upon a problem where it says that del snake_list(0) syntax error: cant delete funtion call. Please help me. Thank you in advance

  11. It would be great if you could explain the purpose of each function used and how the action is reflected.

  12. hi, im new i just want to know why my game is closing after all the code?

  13. Madam food is not displaying properly that means 3 time it will display later it will not why

  14. it would be great if you made another game with python and notepad++

  15. nice vid. It would be nicer if you upload the code to your web page, or somewhere else, then we can correct our code.

  16. How to open that coding window
    Where i want to code

  17. good video , but it is wanted to have a code file…

  18. sis please give whole code on comment.. its really helpful for us…

  19. I honestly can’t tell if this is a man or woman, or an adult or child.

  20. hey great video. one question……does this not work on a online compiler?

  21. i am getting pylint error do i solve it?

  22. Can't we print a message which is shows our score in real time?

  23. i have a question how do these numbers come

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