Snake Game in Scratch 3.0 | Scratch 3.0 Game Tutorial | How to Make Games -

Snake Game in Scratch 3.0 | Scratch 3.0 Game Tutorial | How to Make Games

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In this tutorial I will show you a simple way to make snake in Scratch 3.0. It does have it’s own bugs and issues but can be a good starting point for a more complete project.

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  1. Thanks Chris we did the snake game and enjoyed !

  2. Can we add a food Sprite instead of creating one

  3. For some reason it won’t let me go left/right

  4. Hey can I ask a question. For the stake to appear at a random position we can also select go to random position in motion ryt?

  5. your videos help so much with my coding class thank you so much my grade is so high

  6. can you make the variable the count of times your snake a the red blob?

  7. bro nice but can pls make a multiplayer game

  8. There is a bit of a better way to do the movement. Set the direction to the actual numbers (0 = up, 90 = right, 180 = down, 270 = left) and instead of adding the 'if's, you can do (point in direction 'variable direction' and then move '5' steps). That gets rid of all the 'if's and makes the code a bit more compact.

  9. there are 2 downs in the code should I change that?????? plz tell fast

  10. thanks so much but actually It is not growing longer

  11. The code could be more compact, but still, great tutorial!

  12. Hey Chris do u know how to make my snake die when it hits itself or the wall thanks!

  13. my down and up arrow wont work tell me how to fix it

  14. I love the whole game, but quick notice, the snake doesn't die when it hits the wall. Can you help me with that pls?

  15. Really cool , Thanks A LOT ! you teach SUPER COOL AND EASY how to make games on Scratch , THANK YOU ! 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  16. This is great. Yh why not make it multiplayer snake game. That will be awesome

  17. How do you make the clone follow the main body of the snake?

  18. Heres what i think about the tutorial 😁


  20. Could just do the random position not x y pick random that just takes longer time to make

  21. im having problems with the game i did EVERITHING you did and when i finsihed the food was going crazy and bouncing every were.

  22. thank you so muchh very helpful🥰🥰❤❤. But there is only one problem that… after playing sometime the length get higher and higher but its not restarting… like my length is 4.7 right now so how should i make it 0 again???? i dont understand???😕

  23. no getting block change by y, where it is in my scratch

  24. A lot of people have mentioned there was a problem with length. I believe I did not reset it. Make sure you set length to 0 in the beginning 😉

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