Snake Game Using Python Part-1 -

Snake Game Using Python Part-1

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In this video I have created a Snake Game from scratch. 😍

This is the same game that you must have played in your life.

The aim of this game is to eat the food and grow the size of the snake by not colliding at the border or by own snake body.

I have taught how to create the screen, snake head, food and score.
In the next video we will see the movement of the snake

This game is build using Turtle module of Python.

Source Code of Snake Game along with Images :


Watch how to download and install Python :

Watch how to download and install PyCharm IDE :


Link to download Python latest version (3.9.2):

Link to download PyCharm Community Version:

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  1. Wow amazing ❣️❣️😍😍😍

  2. Nicely explained everystep.
    Go ahead. We need more video

  3. Thanks Faizan Bhai for such a nice video. Everything explained in a very nice way.

  4. Your way of explaining is great ✨

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