Snake, Nokia 3210 Version - IOS Game, 1680 Points🤝 -

Snake, Nokia 3210 Version – IOS Game, 1680 Points🤝

Matthias L
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I remember how I played this game 20 years ago,
only in the real version on the cell phone the snake was always eats its tail😁

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  1. I still play this on a Nokia 3210

  2. Made this once. loong loong time ago 🙂 same Handy rofl

  3. I record song Snake Games song
    Full go to be 3 likes

  4. I downloaded this game but when I deleted it. It would redownload by itself?

  5. Yes so thats not the high score, you're playing on level 8, if you play on level 9 it will work out to be 2008 or something. There was a very easy way to do it on the original phone, you can just keep pausing the game and then it will let you see where you are before it restarts. Makes it much easier on hard turnings.

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