Snake Pass - Cutest Danger Noodle Ever! - Let's Play Snake Pass Gameplay -

Snake Pass – Cutest Danger Noodle Ever! – Let’s Play Snake Pass Gameplay

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Welcome to Snake Pass! Snake Pass is a game about slithering, coiling and climbing your way to the top of a physics based – puzzle world! ► Support Blitz on Patreon:

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Snake Pass Gameplay Overview:

When the tranquillity of Haven Tor is interrupted by a mysterious interloper only the unlikeliest of heroes can save the day! Meet Noodle the Snake and his hyperactive best friend, Doodle the Hummingbird, who together must reunite the missing Keystones with the magical gates that give Haven Tor its mythical power. A unique, physics-based puzzle platform game, Snake Pass challenges players to ‘think like a snake’ as they tackle precarious puzzles as only a snake can. Slither through long grass, coil around bamboo and climb out of trouble in the latest game from award-winning independent studio Sumo Digital!

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Snake Pass Gameplay Features:

►15 brain bending, snake charming levels
►Master Noodle’s one-of-a-kind abilities
►Unravel the mystery of the nefarious gatecrasher
►Restore Haven Tor to its former glory
►Slither into every nook and cranny in search of cunning collectibles
►A brand-new soundtrack from fan favourite composer David Wise
►Unlock Time Trial mode and compete to be the slickest slitherer in the world

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Download Snake Pass on Steam:

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  1. There was the last orb in the gatekeeper level it was behind the tower thing were you put the giant gems

  2. 17:57 it was behind the pink pillar you missed it!🤣 24:46 see the bird could've helped you there

  3. i litrally would get this game to snake around.

  4. im watching a snek go down a slide for forever. :>

  5. Wait is noodle a milksnake? And yes I do mean Milk snake not milk shake

  6. Noodle is a very unique name for a snake, and a cute one to!

  7. blitz the last Water bubble was behind the yellow stone on the second one

  8. I just got this game today for free… I'm really happy…

  9. Who is here after getting it free on humble bundle

  10. Jsosoawpsklsmslzksoakxlwdisoxkwokxjdkeosisowjdowjddodjdoekdoskspskdkcdoisjd

  11. BLITZ: I don’t know where the purple one is. Kids: it’s PINK

  12. so this is what it looks like when you are able to move the snake properly

  13. The blue orb was behind the pink crystal


  14. Snake on a wallllllllll!!!!!!!! Snake on a wallllllllll! Snake: mlleeeeeee (sticks toung out)

  15. Boy you passed a Coin it was right by you lol

  16. The last order was behind the magenta statue thing

  17. Game mechanic the fish game or the snake game like I think the fish game the mechanics are terrible you literally you that you have to eat it's literary terrible I'm not even lying right you now this is crazy I'm serious right now the gaming cameras are crazy

  18. I call dange nuddles murdr spagrdr

  19. I cant believe he missed the last blue bubbke on lv3 it was right next to exit gate and was shown clearly as the gate cut scene triggered. Duh

  20. I only know how to play games on consoles the only Xbox ive ever had is an Xbox 360

  21. Just asking how are snakes dangerous well maybe some highly venomous ones are but in general they're not and snakes are not creepy.

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