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Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll (NES) Playthrough – NintendoComplete

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A playthrough of Nintendo’s 1990 NES game, Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll.

At the peak of the NES’s left, Rare was making games left and right for seemingly every publisher under the sun at breakneck speed. I have no idea how they managed it with such short development cycles, but the great majority of them turned out to be “good,” were several others became classics, and then there were a couple that are best left forgotten about.

Snake Rattle ‘n’ Roll sits firmly in the “classics” category for me. The concept is pretty novel and it’s put to use well across the stages. The main idea is that your snake must eat pellets that make his body longer – once he has hit a sufficient size, the stage exit will open up and allow you to continue on.

It reminds me of a cross between Marble Madness and Monster Max for its isometric graphics and the unmistakable sound of a David Wise soundtrack, and something like a really fast Q*Bert in how the game movement is handled. It all works together extremely well and makes for a really fun game.

Just be ready to tear out your hair a few times – this game is right up there with the hardest NES games Rare ever did. It’s just about the same in difficulty as Solar Jetman and Cobra Triangle – *really* frickin’ hard – but then that’s part of what makes the game as good as it is, and why finishing it feels so much like a real accomplishment.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Erick Leads / Ninjas Del Marketing Digital says:

    i hated this game so much! so fucking hard!!

  2. At the end it says snakes in space😆 no sorry it was snakes on a plane that came next🤣

  3. Omg I can't even remember how often I died in this game. Mostly because of that shitty gamepad with just four directions to choose! Jumping into 2 directions at the same time was so horrible!!

  4. That Ice level, man! So many hours trying to do it as an 8 year old!

  5. I remember seeing this game in Nintendo power but didn't know what the game play was like. Thank you for playing this!

  6. loved this game. the smacking was hilarious xDDD and what made this so difficult was the diagonal view. So weird to manoeuvre


  8. Someone should create the mountain in minecraft

  9. Good ol' summer 1991 before I got my SNES. Played this game and loved it

  10. Ok, so I have a question here. When I beat the last stage before the fight with the foot on my copy, it took me to a different final stage. There were nine ice blocks and a frozen foot. The stage was probably 1/3rd the size of the moon stage there, all on ice.

    JP/American version difference? Or something else, if you know???

  11. Amazing performance. The ice level was just hyper hard!

  12. That's a strange ending for a game about snakes

  13. The controls are bad in this game. That's what makes it good.

  14. До чего нудная игра. Сколько раз не пытался, так и не прошел до конца. Жизней не хватало ))

  15. Mr. Foot. How many licks does it take to defeat you?

    I don't know. I ain't never made it without dying.

  16. This one has more nostalgic value for me than super mario

  17. Yo this game was so much fun.. so underrated in

  18. I love the 50s style music, especially Shake Rattle And Roll.

  19. The level design always reminded me of white castle cheesburgers.

  20. One of the funniest enemies on the game…..ravenous toilet seats 😅😅

  21. I never completed lvl 10 when i was 5y old (that door freaked me out)🤔😁 good to see there is only one level after that ^^

  22. ahhhh so this is one of the game they used the style and think the music off for mushroom kingdon fusion apart from its 2D using the style just been looking ar rare games i didnt know about till i come across AVGN reviewing beetlejuice nes

  23. Stumbled over randomly after not having touched the game for like 27 or so years. Although we finished it back then (thanks to the help of a certain Game Genie) after like 30 years (and now understanding English) this is the first time I could read and understand the text at the end. Guess good I was never aware it's basically been a built-in ad for a never released sequel…

  24. the kind of game you used to rent from the video store, and surpingly addictive

  25. 17:42.. one of the coolest Easter eggs I've ever seen.. the ascending platforms say "Game Boy"

  26. I used to like it when my tongue was so long it would wrap around the screen. Also, when I got bored I’d just toss myself off the side just to hear AAAAARRRRRR

  27. I got up to level 5 today and was curious to see the rest.

    I have my work cut out for me.

  28. I spent SO many hours playing this as a kid. However, I just noticed he spits the legs out of the walking ball thingies 😂 Pretty brutal Rattle, pretty brutal.

  29. Quite the accomplishment to finish this game. 👏 👏 👏

  30. you make this look so easy, this game is tough

  31. Thank you for the Nostalgia!! Play it in Childhood with my Sister!!

  32. This game starts nice, but after few levels it turns to be Dark souls of NES. Ice levels are bloody hell, and the last foot is unbeatable without turbo mode.

  33. I wish I got paid to snort crack off a public toilet and go to work for a video game company…

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