Snake Rewind - May 14th -

Snake Rewind – May 14th

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Snake Rewind will be released on May 14th 2015 for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Taneli Armanto, the creator of the original Nokia Snake game, returns with Snake Rewind – a modern retake of the classic Snake game. Created together with Rumilus Design, Snake Rewind takes the iconic elements and intuitive gameplay from the original Snake game and combines them with cool visual effects, sounds and great new features.


  1. Please no.. Just no… Stop this shit of +Lifes = Money

  2. this looks awesome! cant wait may 14-th 🙂

  3. I can actually play it on my Nokia too! Windows Phone yes!!

  4. Great, i always loved snake in my old mom's nokia xD
    when i was around 10 years old y played a lot, know i need a new space impact, that would be so cool xD

  5. nokia or new nokia should have it in their phone

  6. I remember playing the original on a Nokia 5110 and finishing it when the snake fills the entire screen.

  7. looks like every other shitty mobile game nowadays

  8. I played this game like a crack addict, RIP to my future when this comes out.

  9. i lost interest as soon as i read in-app purchases

  10. It will never work. Unless they come up with a device that has a D pad or something like a physical keyboard, the game will be unplayable.
    It's like Tetris running on devices with touch-screen. It simply doesn't work.

  11. My nokia smartphone will be united with snake again

  12. I can't find the links of snke rewind game someone help me please😢

  13. Não está disponível para Windows Phone 😩

  14. lol, why are people so butthurt over developer giving rewind ability for cash?  don't like it, don't pay for it, seems pretty simple.
    not like those donators will get into your phone and ruin your game.

  15. where can I download the soundtracks? This games music is so beautiful!

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