SNAKE RIVALS Gameplay New Arcade Games on Android 2019 -

SNAKE RIVALS Gameplay New Arcade Games on Android 2019

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SNAKE RIVALS Gameplay New Arcade Games on Android 2019

Enter the snake battlegrounds! Challenge players from all over the world online.

Become the top snake in the arena!
A NEW epic 3D twist for 2019 on the classic arcade game. Fight to become legendary in this multiplayer new PVP game.

And this is not just a snake game! !🐍



Smash your opponents in 3 different battle modes:

🌋 Battle Royale – Last Man Standing Wins. Your mission is to survive as long as possible as the world shrinks before your eyes. Avoid the lava – stay in the safe zone of the arena! Be warned! If you die – it’s over!!!

💰 Gold Rush – Compete to Collect the Most Gold. 3 mins is on the timer. Destroy or damage your fellow snakes to collect more Gold faster – and win the epic Battle.

🙏 Classic mode – Will you be the longest snake? There’s no time limit. And Infinite Lives. Feel zen and take a moment from the heat of the Battle to hone your skills and become Master of your tactics and your weapons.

Choose the multiplayer games experience you want in amazing battlegrounds.


Power-ups allow you to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents – use them wisely in these snake games!

🔥 Fireball – Damage your opponents by shooting with deadly aim! Go for a legendary head or a body shot.

🎯 Magnet – Grow faster and use your size to your advantage in the arena

👻 Ghost – Go undercover to sneak up on enemies and survive collisions


Will you be a……. Classic snake or legendary snake-o-saurus?


From a python with adder-tude to a dragon that makes hiss-tory – defeat your opponents in epic style. Make your victory in the arena one to remember!

Choose from a wide variety of original skins with amazing graphics. Mix up colours and add parts to make YOUR character unique to stand out from the crowd in these multiplayer games.


Battle in beautiful arena worlds – deadly, moving lava, the jungle lair of the snake King – filled with obstacles to navigate… and more….

Fight to be the best snake and destroy your opponents in pvp arena battles!



Weekly Challenge – Compete to win big rewards in fearsome battlegrounds!

Earn gems through gameplay – to customise your character and to defeat your enemies with panache in this, a legend of online games!

NOTE: Snake Rivals is a free snake combat game to download. A network connection is required to play and fight your fellow snakes.


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  4. "4:24"
    If someone need something simply try
    Its cool for everyone in 2020!

    ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය


    Swipe your finger to direct a snake of balls and break the blocks.

    Swipe your finger to direct a snake of balls and break the blocks.

    Attempt to break however many blocks as could be expected under the circumstances.

    Get extra balls and make the greatest snake ever!

    Easy to play yet exceptionally difficult to arrive at high scores!

    Break the same number of bright squares as you can and watch your score develop, while you keep away from strong squares – all with only one finger. The great snake game reconsidered for present day cell phones!

    Snake versus Block is the ideal game to play while you sit tight for the transport, on your transport or train ride home or to work. You can play this whenever and anyplace you need.

    Attempt to beat the high score! Snake versus Block highlights googles incorporated leader boards framework. Be the best today, this week or be the unequaled best!

    Game Features:

    – Free to play

    – Play offline! No internet connection required.

    – Endless game play

    – Simple swipe control

    – Challenge your companions with the best high score

    Download Snake VS Blocks Board now!

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  7. Bob the robber on hud games is the funest game ive played this year.

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