Snakeybus: Like the Classic Snake Game…But You Drive a Bus -

Snakeybus: Like the Classic Snake Game…But You Drive a Bus

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Snakeybus is a game where every time you pick up passengers, your bus gets longer and longer, which eventually causes you to crash into the back of it. It’s weird, but not as weird as James Duggan’s head on Dominic Toretto’s body, which also happens in this video. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. If you like this I’ll know you are real

  2. I bet I will be an invisible comment to all

  3. After watching the guys from @Neebsgaming play this yesterday I really need to try this

  4. "yeah, it was a love tap"
    "I mean, I think you did better than my first time, so get back in there"

  5. As much as IGN annoys me these days, I actually enjoy these two.

  6. Geez, I legit clicked on this video to watch the gameplay but instead was treated to a video where someone experimented with as many video edits as possible…

  7. Wondering if this will be on PS4 someday, can't seem to get that information online…looks funs.

  8. Looks fun, reminds me of Crazy Taxi in a way.

  9. It's that big mouth ginger from etc (internet today)

  10. Check out neebs gaming they are one of the devs that made the graphics and textures

  11. You should do more content with Chloe! 🙂

  12. So its like CRAZY TAXI but bus instead, got it

  13. This guy knew all about this game before hand…

  14. Finally a game that even ign can play.
    Edit: never mind

  15. Why is this mouthy skank on ign now? Fml

  16. That's the psycho that tried to ruin Chris Hardwick's career.

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