The Perfect Snake Game -

The Perfect Snake Game

Omar Ghatasheh
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The Perfect Snake Game

Video Edit : Omar Ghatasheh

Music : Castello Oak – Bird Creek – from the YT library

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  1. Play the song at 2x it's good and the game is faster too

  2. I never thought I’d live to see the day

  3. And thus, the serpent consumes its own tail.

  4. roses are red, veils are blue, there's always an asian, better than you

  5. Everyone : gets heart atack
    Me : gets aroused Oh daddy wiggle me like that

  6. You don’t know how satisfying this is, even though ultimately it’s a computer beating itself. But still… amazing, feels real good.

  7. I bet there is, somewhere, a 2,5 year old Chinese girl that does this 15x faster on a Nokia 3310. If there is not, I can finally retire.

  8. More like a Ferrari game my man be shifting

  9. Me trying to find the files i deleted :

  10. ummmmm so how is it in 2015…… those were the good days tbh

  11. I didn't even know this game could be beat lol, learn something new every day

  12. remember when you could play Snake with thhe old youtube loading sign?

  13. Where's the video like this but the music was really funky

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