The ULTIMATE SNAKE eats EVERYTHING! - LittleBigSnake Gameplay - New IO Game - Game like -

The ULTIMATE SNAKE eats EVERYTHING! – LittleBigSnake Gameplay – New IO Game – Game like

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Welcome to LittleBigSnake! Little Big Snake is a new game like where you slither your self through the world and eating bugs and nectar! Watch More LittleBigSnake:

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LittleBigSnake Gameplay Overview:

Little Big Snake is a new io game similar to Be a snake to slither though the environment, eat bugs and drink nectar. As you eat, you grow bigger. Become the biggest snake ever! Unlock achievements and complete evolutions!

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Play Littlebigsnake free:

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  1. Entomo-phagy. Entomo- is related to insects. -phagy is the consumption of. Thus, Entomophagy is "the feeding on of insects". Or, TLDR, you get more from eating bugs.

  2. This game is super addicting and I played this for a few hours after playing with some fellow Blitztopians in Blitz’s discord!

  3. Am I the only one who thought the thumbnail looked like shenron and the dragon balls if look at it for only a split second

  4. Whenever I respawn I immediately go after a very big snake, it’s easy to respawn and very rewarding, low risk high reward

  5. Wait um I just thought of this little big snake little big planet lbs lbp coincidence?

  6. It is not on mobile, at least on mobile iOS devices, maybe on devices with adobe flash player or androids, but the only android I have is a cruddy kindle fire and its probably only on google play if it even is.

  7. You should spend more time with your family so they do not get mad

  8. This game is accurate because the snakes look like western hognose snakes

  9. Loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvve it!!!!!! More plz more I beg uuuuuuuuu plz more I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hey, do you know why littlebig snake won't load after pressing 'to to battle' then Just Stays Black Screen?

  11. i cant play dis game it turns into a black screen

  12. Blitz has the rank Baron.

    You know what needs to happen.

  13. And blitz there is energy if it runs out you lose stuff

  14. I got massive and also i had alot of kills and friends

  15. Actually I love this game finally I can play slither online no lag heeheh and there are bots In this game if you see a big snake and it doesn't boost it means you can kill it easily I killed so many bots XD

  16. I'm much better than blitz at this game sorry, dislike this if you don't understand why I'm better cuz I'm 🆒

  17. I've collected 100% three times
    On little big snake
    I love this game

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