Jake Sweet
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  1. Bro got extra credit on the chromosome test 💀

  2. Do something meaningful with your life. Stop doing this illogical nonsense

  3. I think i lost all my braincells watching this stupid video

  4. It is a bath tub you can turn the bath tub on idiot😂

  5. You did not put it in gently 😂😂😂😂

  6. People like this spawn from not being able to see the downvotes.

  7. You could have just turned the bath tub knob😅

  8. This piece of shjit YouTube is the reason why YouTube get more and more to a garbage collector

  9. If you ever feel useless. Just remember this guy.

  10. Bro had 50% Water 30% Patience 19% Snake and 1% Braincells💀

  11. Hamara. Mala ma. To 20 rupes ma miljata ha

  12. Great way to get comments. 😂
    The tub situation
    Very smart because it’s working

  13. “Really really gently put it in the bath” slams it in the water

  14. Bro said he got A+ when his test paper says F-

  15. if that's gentle I don't wanna see roughly

  16. How irritate that makes me like people like people what’s the time people do this stuff like it’s dumb right like why are they trying to disrespect snakes? Hey people like that work play how do people watch the scrap if you’re just gonna be doing this

  17. Bro, are you trying to be dumb like when I used to? I can’t even this week because of how stupid area like I can’t believe people actually like this stuff like why not use the bath tub like what are you broke?

  18. YouTube whyyyyyy do you put this gibberish doosh content ….. please no more I’m crying for how bad it is …. Do us a favor run in to the wall

  19. Bro u said "GENTLE THROW"you just yeeted him

  20. There’s a fucking faucet to the tub u dumbass

  21. lol You could just fill the tub with bath water

  22. I am pretty sure that there is an easier and much faster way to fill up a bath tub with water.

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