Tiktok viral Snake Dodgy snake game | dodgy snake 3d like anaconda snake |saamp wala game#short #17 - playproduction.de

Tiktok viral Snake Dodgy snake game | dodgy snake 3d like anaconda snake |saamp wala game#short #17

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I love snake game . And I am very interested in all type snake game.
I daily upload snake video like snake arena, wormsZon.io, snake.io, anocanda snake, tiktok viral Snake game, slither.io ,warzone.io and other every type snake games.


About this game:
Description from play store:

Eat apples and let the snake surf over the blocks in a funny arcade!

Try to survive as long as you can in Dodgy Snake! In this funny arcade you guide the chain of balls that looks like a snake, eat apples and avoid blocks. There is a challenge though: you’ll meet walls of blocks that are impossible to go around. Every wall cuts a little piece of your reptile. Tap to stand up and lose less of your spherical body. Surf till the very end to complete the level and get the reward!

With the progress you will unlock new cute snake skins. Feed the hungry animal to grow bigger. At the end of the level we will measure your progress, literally. The higher your reptile, the more coins you’ll earn! 🐛

Top features:
🐍 New worlds available!
🐍 Simple gameplay
🐍 Funny graphics and cute skins
🐍 Relaxing way to pass time
🐍 Colorful surroundings to surf through

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