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Unreal Engine Tutorial – Create a 2D Snake Game [Code + Assets]

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Learn how to create a 2D Snake Game with Unreal Engine in this full tutorial. In this beginner’s course, you will how to create a game with Unreal Engine and Blueprints.

💻 Project assets:
💻 Completed project:

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  1. Which game engine do you suggest for a beginner?

  2. Could you please create video on construct 3?

  3. Could you please create video on construct 3?

  4. Please make a tutorial on making games for android phones

  5. Unrelated to unreal engine: please if anyone can explain to me why is that whenever I spend 15 and above minutes in Unity my MacBook over heat?
    What can I do to solve this issue?

  6. Come one who use unreal engine plz make a unity video unity is the best

  7. Gaming developing is the next big thing.🔥

  8. سبحان الله ويحمده
    سبحان الله العظيم

  9. like very good game what version unreal user for game

  10. I would like to thank freecodecamp for hosting all of these amazing courses, you guys are awesome!

  11. I remembered create this snake games with c++. I am expecting more to get me excited to learn unreal engine.

  12. This is a tutorial I never imagined… But I love it! Thank you!

  13. Anyone have any advice for a university student (Economics – can't switch to CompSci) wanting an internship as a back-end software engineer?
    Have 2 years left at uni and i've been teaching myself code in my spare time. I can currently work with Java, Python, R, SQL and do not have any relevent work experience. Should I freelance, learn more languages, join hackathons etc.. ? Cheers!

  14. @Awesome Tuts you really make awesome tuts…

  15. Which platform you use to use that Unreal Engine ?

  16. I hope I can use WASD Q/E to navigate into blueprint editor.

  17. Does anyone know why I would be getting the following error: Blueprint Runtime Error: "Accessed None trying to read property CallFunc_Array_Get_Item_10". Blueprint: BP_MainGame Function: Execute Ubergraph BP Main Game Graph: Move Snake Node: SetActorLocation ?

    I followed the video exactly (or at least I think I did) but have no idea how to fix this issue. Everything spawns but I cannot move the Snake.

  18. i just ran through this tutorial and i had a question. why am i getting an error for "Attempted to access BPFood via property FoodActorRef, but BPFood_C_0 is pending kill"? I'm unsure what i did wrong here. A little help? Also, i really dig the tutorial!

  19. @Awesome Tuts which version to download of unreal engine , where to download?

  20. For that grey circle in the middle you would need to hide the BP_MainGame actor in game, can be done from the details panel with the Blueprint selected

  21. so clearly explained every step, nice tutorial

  22. The blackish dot in the centre is the "defaultPawn", which you can see it in the World Outliner in play mode. It is automatically added into the scene because this Snake Game does not use any pawns. An easy way to solve this is to add a pawn, double click the pawn, set "auto possess player" to player 0, and then add it to the scene.

  23. 2:25:18
    Can someone explain how "Is Head" boolean work. Cant understand how it check if it is head or not and when it change from Fasle to True and backward.

  24. 2:29:21
    You can add delay before closing gate to improve your snake movement.

    It wil be smth like that:

    "Input Up/Down/Left/Right"
    "Pressed" —> "Open" (open gate just like in tutorial)
    "Released" —> "Delay" (function)
    "Completed" —> "Close" (close gate)
    "get Delay" (variable) —> duration (attach to delay function duration)

    Now when u press button snake wil definetly do what you want))

  25. Has anyone found a solution to completely rid the input delay?

  26. Anyone know where I can download this version of Unreal Engine? Or have a link?

  27. Can someone help me, the snake doesn’t destroy the food and doesn’t add score when it hits it.

  28. Heya

    I have done exactly and double checked that it was just as you had it in the video but I have two problems. The grey square sprite is smaller than the brick border so the border is not actually touching the sprite. It looks like a box within a border.

    2. After giving the snake movement I can no longer see the snake head.

    What do I do to fix?

  29. Hi
    How to change this game 'key' controls to be 'touch' controls ??

  30. Got thsi error while compiling and saving "Kill Snake" 1:06:20 :-
    the property associated with paper flipbook could not be found in '/game/blueprints/bp_maingame.bp_maingame_c'
    if anyone could help.

  31. Is this intended for someone familiar with the topic? This is titled "beginner" and should have included steps for installing Unreal Editor, plus highlighting some prerequisites.

  32. I already did this course twice – however I do not receive any keyboard events. The game runs but it neither accept the arrow keys nor the 'R' key. Any ideas about that?

  33. Your video really helps me to dive into the engine. It's always hard to start something brand new (even if somebody have 2 years of C++ coding). Blueprints are something unusual for me.

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