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Wild Snake – Game Grumps VS

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********************************************* Why’d it have to be snakes?

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  1. You both draw from the same snake pile, Arin just so happened to time his placements so he draw both black snakes.

  2. I am so dissapoint Arin.
    How could you, the maker of Metal Gear Awesome, NOT ONCE BELT OUT SNAKE EATER DURING THIS?!?!

  3. They ever watch after recording and be like "oh im so dumb"?

  4. little did they know that the guy that came up with the idea for the game was the creator of Tetris, Alexey Pajitnov

  5. barry is…kind of badass so…
    dan you can't really top him

  6. This was one of my absolute favorite games as a kid. I made my dad re-rent this from hollywood video over and over. Plus they had a fresh popcorn cart. And POGS!

  7. For a while, the Tennessee drivers ed booklet from the DMV said "the distance of one city black" instead of block.

  8. This video predicted "I'm the video game boy."

  9. This is like…the weirdest game to be the first instance I've heard Danny say "troubadour."

  10. Honestly I think Danny should of won he was so close hardcore

  11. Dan got so fucked by RNG. He was doing so well.

  12. Man I missed and episode of game grumps. Thanks a lot youtube notifications

  13. I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going.jpg

  14. Can I ask a question cause I'm curious which screen do you guys look at? The right or the left and is it because you'd rather watch Arin's screen or Danny's screen or does your eyes just automatically go to a certain side? Like me I always go to the right side no matter who's playing on that side

  15. "Shit, I can't get access to that snake!"

  16. Fun fact: this game controls like actual ass. Dan is making it look easy.

  17. This game is a fascinating concept

  18. This game is absolute garbage only because Dan didn't win.

  19. 1:05 Don't worry, Dan, you will eat your own words soon… very soon

  20. Aron is fucking insufferable in this episode.

  21. This looks like a game that would kill it for iphones or android…

  22. Ron White is great….he has like….Two Routines and they borrow from each other still.

  23. I've watched this vid for years and it always bothers me that arin won because he got two black snakes

  24. There's gotta be a waay to speed up the snake's descent, because the thing that tells you what snake drops next is for both players, so there should be a strategy of timing when your snakes land so you get the snake you need.

  25. So I played this with some friends that were really hardcore into Tetris Attack and Puzzle Fighter (without cheating) and there's some shenanigans you can pull once you learn proper setups. Sadly it does lack the complexity in its vs mode to make strategy like that rewarding like sending garbage over to your opponent.

  26. Probably one of my top ten favourite game grumps episodes, keep coming back to it every year or so

  27. I hate these snake's little candle wick tails. I don't know why, but they gross me out.

  28. I always click on this video because the thumbnail and name always eludes me, then I'm severely disappointed that it's snaktris.

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