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  1. Bhai aapko sirf aur sirf usne X Ke Samne a raha hai

  2. OMG I just got the same game add when the video was just about to start I have a add and it's the same game add not like one more time I was just like a ad just appear the same game add but it was not the same game it was some kind of same but name as different

  3. Rashid bhai dusre saamp hack nahin kar rahe vah boost istemal kar rahe aap bhi kar sakte ho dusre kahin per bhi screen touch

  4. Uhh sir i am your new fan I don't know that your YouTube channel name was technical guys gaming 😶

  5. Bhai tum bhi captain amireca ki thare speed janne ke liye chalne ke saad prese karoge to tumhara speed 20 ho jaye ga

  6. Rachit bhai aapko bhagna hai 2 finger screen pei rkho

  7. U are the noob u kill someone and U did not see wow you are a noob pro

  8. Maine 13 lakh ka score kiya hai noob 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. I am 9 years old and I am playing this game easily

  10. Offline game hai bhai ye online nahi data ban kr kr khel sakte ho

  11. Do double click but keep clicking you will run fast i mean boost

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