You Can Play The SNAKE GAME On YouTube? -

You Can Play The SNAKE GAME On YouTube?

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There is a snake game on YouTube where you can play snake on any video. What is the YouTube snake game Easter Egg? Was the YouTube snake game removed? Find out in this video…

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There is a snake game on YouTube! This is a YouTube Easter Egg where you can play snake on a YouTube video. What is the YouTube buffering snake game Easter Egg? What is the YouTube snake Easter Egg? What is the snake game on YouTube videos? Find out in this video…


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  1. Have you done a video on the "You Are an Idiot" virus?

  2. I always had shit internet when I was a kid and I would just load up YouTube so it could buffer and I could play this

  3. Anyone remember the angry birds one

  4. Yeah I knew it long time when I was maybe 10 or 11 years or idk not sure

  5. I remember there was a video where you could costumise your hot wheels car a what it race against other cars, sadly it no longer exists.

  6. there is a youtube piano. THERE IS NO YOUTUBE GAME?!

  7. me: watches how to do it

    also me: violently clicks back arrow

  8. Youtube used to run in flash, and I mean it ran in Flash a LONG time ago, so it could play games, but since it stopped using Flash, it couldn't do games in videos. because of flashes demise in December, it cant be brought back really unless theirs something I don't know

  9. Imagine not having known about the easter egg before this video.

  10. i remember in 2015 i used to play it on my old laptop :awesome:

  11. i have been on youtube since 2014 and bruh this is like the very first time i have this

  12. YouTube
    Listen to timeworks
    Stop throwing away the eggs

  13. I used to play this a lot when the internet went down while I watched videos. It was perfect and didn't get cut out if the internet came back (unlike the google Dino game)

  14. I remember that, I'm born in 2006 so I've seen youtube changing everything, everytime taking months to get used to big changes

  15. not to be rube but why does it sound like your always on the verge of crying, are u ok?

  16. anyone here knew the "RAINBOW" secret or is just me?

  17. i remember this….vaguely. i discovered it by accident!

  18. i found this & everyone i know said i was nuts.

  19. what happened when you lost the game?

  20. him: "its gone"

    internet archive: are you sure about that

  21. If its cool or it makes sense, youtube will remove it

  22. i remember tapping up and right 3 times to bring up the snake game

  23. I remember playing this so much when waiting for videos to load, it was a massive time killer, good times.

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